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Hobart “Curley” Rogers Scholarship Fund for the School Year 2023/2024

Congratulations to the 2023/24 Scholarship Winners and Alternates:
Alyssa Lopez, daughter of Adolpho Lopez, Jr. with Unit #156A Chicago Sergeants
Kyle Barney, son of Dean Barney with Unit #156B Chicago Lieutenants
Madison Koester, daughter of Todd Kuester with Unit #39 Decatur
Emilia Hubbard, daugter of Frank Hubbard with Unit #39 Decatur
1st Alternate: Kelly McCrudden, daughter of Brendan McCrudden with Unit #156C Chicago Captains
2nd Alternate: Paige Rewerts, daughter of Brian Rewerts with Unit #114 Peoria School District

Congratulations to the 2022/23 Scholarship Winners and Alternates:
Braden Kuiega, son of David Kumiega with Unit #156A Chicago Sergeants 
Emma Dunderdale, daughter of Craig Dunderdale with Unit #156A Chicago Sergeants
Michael Keenan, son of Stephen Keenan with Unit #156A Chicago Sergeants
Chloe Clark, daugter of Jason Clark with Unit #156B Chicago Lieutenants
 1st Alternate: Aidan Edwards, son of Peter Edwards with Unit #156A Chicago Sergeants
2nd Alternate: Ava Hopwood, daughter of Douglas Hopwood with Unit #27 Peoria

Congratulations to the 2021/23 Scholarship Winners and Alternates:
Madison Kaup, daughter of Edwin J. Kaup, Jr. with Unit 156C Chicago Captains
Lauren Shively, daughter of Justin Shively with Unit #21 Bloomington
Mary Riva, daugter of Louis Riva with Unit #18 Ottawa
Kyra Frank, daughter of Lynn Frank with Unit #6 Rockford
1st Alternate: Kalie Williams, daughter of Daniel Williams with Unit #19 Galesburg
2nd Alternate: Casey Brannigan, daughter of Michael Brannigan with Unit #156A Chicago Sergeants



This fund offers college scholarships to children of our members. Our Association pays $1,000.00 each year to qualified children who attend college full time. The fund will benefit 16 of our members' children for a total of $16,000.00 per year. 

Click Here to download the scholarship form. 


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